Enrichment Course Matrix

There is a two-credit Enrichment requirement for completion of AA and AS degrees at Bismarck State College. The following list includes all courses designated as meeting this requirement; however, many of these courses also meet other general education requirements at the college. A course fulfilling a general education requirement within a different area may also fulfill the enrichment requirement if it is included in the following list. Contact your academic advisor with any questions related to this requirement.

Enrichment Courses

Course Title Credits
Art: Visual
ART 122Two-Dimensional Design3
ART 124Three-Dimensional Design3
ART 130Drawing I3
ART 135Sculptural Welding3
ART 204Jewelry I2
ART 205Jewelry II2
ART 220Painting I3
ART 221Painting II3
ART 225Water Media I2
ART 226Water Media II2
ART 230Drawing II3
ART 231Figure Drawing I3
ART 250Ceramics I3
ART 251Ceramics II3
ART 252Advanced Ceramics1-3
ART 265Sculpture I2
ART 266Sculpture II2
ART 270Printmaking I3
ART 271Printmaking II3
ART 299Special Topics 11-3
Automotive Technology
AUTO 101Introduction to Automotive Technology3
BIOL 102Introduction to Aquarium Keeping1
BIOL 108Beginning Birding1
BIOL 125Introduction to Ecology3
BIOL 125LIntroduction to Ecology Lab1
BIOL 126Human Biology3
BIOL 126LHuman Biology Lab1
BCT 216Sustainable Building I3
CARP 112Introduction to the Green Environment3
CARP 180Introduction to Furniture Making3
CARP 185Furniture Making by Design3
CHEM 114Chemistry in Art3
CHEM 114LChemistry in Art Lab1
Criminal Justice
CJ 235Field Experience and Internship3
ENGL 213Literary Publications3
ENGL 299Special Topics 11-3
First Year Experience
FYE 101Seminar on Success2
HUMS 211Integrated Cultural Excursion1-4
HUMS 212Integrated Cultural Enrichment2
COMM 200Introduction to Media Writing3
COMM 201Interpretive and Opinion Writing3
COMM 206Digital Communication Fundamentals3
COMM 224Social Media, Writing & Design3
COMM 225Introduction to Audio Production3
COMM 240Introduction to News Photography3
COMM 242Advanced News Photography3
COMM 244Reporting and Feature Writing3
COMM 270Basic Video Production3
COMM 281Reporting and Editing: Mystician1
COMM 283Video Lab: MystiCast1
COMM 284Radio Lab: The MYX1
COMM 285Communication Arts Lab1
COMM 299Special Topics 11-3
Military Science
MS 101Foundations of Leadership2
MS 102Basic Leadership2
MS 110Military Physical Fitness2
MUSC 117Concert Choir1
MUSC 118Chamber Choir1
MUSC 121String Ensemble1
MUSC 130Class Voice1
MUSC 131Class Voice1
MUSC 132Wind Ensemble1
MUSC 133Woodwind Ensemble I1
MUSC 134Woodwind Ensemble II1
MUSC 135Brass Ensemble I1
MUSC 136Brass Ensemble II1
MUSC 137Jazz Ensemble1
MUSC 138Percussion Ensemble1
MUSC 145Applied Music1
MUSC 146Applied Music - Major1
MUSC 151Class Piano I1
MUSC 152Class Piano II1
MUSC 153Class Guitar-Beginner1
MUSC 154Class Guitar II1
MUSC 155Guitar Ensemble1
MUSC 160Mini-Music 11
MUSC 230Class Voice1
MUSC 231Class Voice1
MUSC 251Class Piano III1
MUSC 252Class Piano IV1
MUSC 299Special Topics 11-3
NURS 100Nurse Assistant Training2
Physical Education
HPER 100Concepts of Fitness and Wellness2
HPER 101Activity: Introductory Level1
HPER 150Varsity Athletics1
HPER 151Varsity Athletics1
HPER 202Activity: Intermediate Level1
HPER 210First Aid, CPR and AED1
HPER 212Introduction to Self Defense1
HPER 250Varsity Athletics1
HPER 251Varsity Athletics1
HPER 299Special Topics 11-3
Prior Learning Assessment
PLA 201Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Development2
PSYC 105Relationships and Self-Esteem2
PSYC 207Introduction to Sports and Performance Psychology3
Service Learning
UNIV 195Service Learning1
COMM 222Voice and Diction3
COMM 299Special Topics 11-3
Theatre Arts
THEA 161Acting I3
THEA 167Dance-Theater Movement I3
THEA 201Theatre Practicum1-3
THEA 247Stage Makeup3
THEA 255One Act Play Production1-3
THEA 267Dance-Theater Movement II3
THEA 270Stagecraft3