Cybersecurity and Computer Networks 2-Year Degree Plan

Associate in Applied Science

College Degree Requirements

Prescribed Technical Program61
General Education15-16
Total Degree Credits76-77
Plan of Study Grid
Semester ICredits
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 128 Microcomputer Hardware I 3
CIS 147 Principles of Information Security 3
CIS 164 Networking Fundamentals I 4
CIS 212 Microsoft Windows Operating System Client 3
CIS 230 Electronic Publishing 3
General Education Course  
Communications I  
ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
Semester II
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 107 Linux Fundamentals 3
CIS 165 Networking Fundamentals II 4
CIS 216 Implementing a Microsoft Windows Network Infrastructure 3
CIS 255 Computer and Network Security 3
General Education Courses  
Business, Math, Science & Technology  
Select one of the following: 3-4
Beginning Visual Basic  
Computer Science I  
Communications II  
Select one of the following: 3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking  
Introduction to Professional Writing  
Semester III
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 204 Database Design and Structured Query Language (SQL) 3
CIS 214 Implementing a Microsoft Windows Active Directory Infrastructure 3
CIS 223 Linux System Administration 3
CIS 241 Digital Forensics Fundamentals 3
CIS 267 Intermediate Networking I 4
General Education Course  
Business, Math, Science & Technology  
MATH 210 Elementary Statistics (Recommended) 2 3
Semester IV
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 213 Implementing Microsoft Windows Server Applications 3
CIS 226 Linux Network and Security Administration 3
CIS 268 Intermediate Networking II 4
CIS 269
Cybersecurity and Computer Networks Capstone 1
or Cooperative Education/Internship
CIS 282 Ethical Hacking and Network Defense 3
General Education Course  
Arts & Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences  
PHIL 220 Introduction to Logic (Recommended) 3
 Total Credits76-77

FYE 101: Seminar on Success (1 credit) is optional, but all students are encouraged to enroll during their Freshman Fall Semester.

General Education & Diversity Course Matrix Requirements