Geographic Information Systems Technician

Program Certificate

College Degree Requirements

Total Degree Credits26
Plan of Study Grid
Fall SemesterCredits
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
GIS 105 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (online and on campus) 3
GIS 107 GIS Applications (online only) 3
GIS 204 Mobile & Web GIS (online only) 3
GIS 235 Cartographic Design and Analysis (online only) 3
Spring Semester
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 104 Microcomputer Database (online and on campus) 3
GIS 192 Experimental Course 2
GIS 201 Advanced GIS Applications (online only) 3
GIS 225 GIS Project Development and Management (online only) 3
GIS 240 GIS Capstone (online only) 3
 Total Credits26