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...transfer into BSC as ENGL 110 or MATH 103 . The purpose of placement testing at...


...MATH 103 College Algebra and MATH 105 Trigonometry or MATH 104 Finite Mathematics or MATH...

Pre-Physical Therapy

...decisions. 1 Completing MATH 103 or testing into a higher level math is required for...

Biology 2 MATH 107 Pre-Calculus or MATH 103 College Algebra and MATH 105 Trigonometry...

Energy Management

...MATH 137 , MATH 103 , MATH 104 , MATH 107 , MATH 146 , MATH 165 , MATH 166 , MATH...

ENRT 103. Applied Math

Credits: 3
Typically Offered: FASPSU
This course will teach basic math skills and apply them to energy industry situations. Students will learn the metric system, basic volume and area calculations as well as algebra and trigonometry and how they apply to industry specific situations.

MATH 103. College Algebra

Credits: 4
Prerequisite: Qualifying placement score or completion of ASC 93 with a grade of a C or better.
Typically Offered: FASPSU
Solutions of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, graphing functions and relations, polynomial and rational functions, systems of equations and inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions.