Political Science (POLS)

POLS 115. American Government

Credits: 3
Typically Offered: FASPSU
National government is emphasized. Topics include: political personalities, power, political socialization, current political and social issues, public opinion, the mass media, voting, campaigning, the Presidency, the Congress, the courts, the bureaucracy, and domestic and foreign policies.

POLS 116. State and Local Government

Credits: 3
Typically Offered: FALLSPR
State and community government is emphasized. Topics include: state and community politics and participation, federalism, state legislators and councilmen, governors and mayors, the courts, metropolitics, the issues of crime, education, transportation, poverty, welfare, budgeting and taxation.

POLS 220. International Politics

Credits: 3
Typically Offered: SPRING
The U.S. role in world politics is emphasized. Topics include: the national interest, international morality, diplomacy, the world's resources, elements of national power, the limits of power, resolution of conflict and the 1970s and beyond.

POLS 240. Political Ideologies

Credits: 3
Typically Offered: ONDEMAND
This is a four hundred year study of American ideas and ideologies. This includes: the American dream, revolutionary thought, the individual democratic society, abolitionism, liberalism and conservatism.