Business Education

Program Description

Students may complete the first two years of study toward a bachelor’s degree in business education at BSC. The curriculum is designed for teaching business education in high school. Coursework includes accounting, business communications, word processing, spreadsheet and database applications, and general education courses.


High school students planning to major in business education should study business education and technology courses.

Program Requirements

Those completing the suggested curriculum requirements earn an Associate in Science degree.

During sophomore year:

  1. Register for Introduction to Education (EDUC 250 - 2 credits) and Pre-Professional Experience (EDUC 298 - 1 credit). These classes should be taken during the same semester from the same instructor.
  2. Check the licensure requirements for professional educators in the state where you plan to pursue a career. Graduates planning to teach in North Dakota are prepared for initial licensure testing in conjunction with EDUC 250.

BSC has cooperative agreements with Dickinson State University and Minot State University and several other four-year institutions that allow students to continue with a bachelor’s degree as a transfer option on the BSC campus. Those transferring to other institutions should consult the catalog of the transfer institution and modify BSC suggested curriculum where necessary. Contact your BSC advisor for assistance with transfer planning.

Career Opportunities

Business education majors generally become business education teachers in high schools. Teachers in this field sometimes move into the private sector, working for large firms or corporations as supervisors or trainers.



Vickie Volk • Tech Center 132B

Associate in Science

College degree requirements

Note: Curricula listed on degree plan are suggested. Students should consult with their advisor concerning their unique transfer decisions.

Total Degree Credits62
Plan of Study Grid
1st YearCredits
ACCT 200 Elements of Accounting I 3
ACCT 201 Elements of Accounting II 3
BOTE 152 Keyboarding II 1 3
CIS 130 Presentations 2 3
Arts & Humanities  
General Education Matrix (Arts & Humanities) 3
Communications I  
ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
Communications II  
Select one of the following: 3
College Composition II  
Introduction to Professional Writing  
Communications III  
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
Math, Science & Technology  
General Education Matrix (Math Elective) 4
Math, Science & Technology  
CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers (Recommended) 3
Social & Behavioral Science  
General Education Matrix (Social & Behavioral Science Elective course) 3
2nd Year
BOTE 210 Business Communications 3
CIS 102 Computer Software Applications - Word 2 3
CIS 104 Microcomputer Database 2 3
CIS 105 Microcomputer Spreadsheets 2 3
Arts & Humanities  
General Education Matrix (Arts & Humanities) 3
Enrichment Course Matrix 2
Math, Science & Technology  
General Education Matrix (Lab Science Elective) 4
General Education Matrix (Lab Science Elective) 4
Social & Behavioral Sciences  
General Education Matrix (Social & Behavioral Science Elective course) 3
 Total Credits62