Political Science

Program Description

The Political Science program at BSC provides basic courses for the political science major that are designed to help all students gain knowledge and understanding of politics and political events on all levels of government. Much of a political scientist’s work is research-oriented, conducting public opinion surveys, analyzing election data, or comparing principle features of tax or welfare program proposals. The study of political science is an excellent background for law, foreign affairs, government service, politics, journalism and related fields.


Personal characteristics political scientists should possess are strong analytical skills, the ability to think objectively and independently, and ability to communicate well in speaking and writing.

Program Requirements

Students may complete the first two years of study toward a bachelor’s degree in political science by following the suggested curriculum. Those who complete the requirements earn an Associate in Arts degree.

Those transferring to other institutions should consult the catalog of the transfer institution for possible BSC course substitutions, if needed. Contact your BSC advisor for assistance with transfer planning.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities include: administrative positions in government, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, research institutes, labor unions, or business firms, and teaching in colleges and universities.



Dr. Kevin Cavanagh • Schafer Hall 312C

Associate in Arts

College Degree Requirements

Note: Courses listed on degree plan are suggested. Students should consult with their advisor concerning their unique transfer decisions.

Total Degree Credits60
Plan of Study Grid
1st YearCredits
Arts & Humanities 1  
PHIL 220 Introduction to Logic 3
Communications I  
ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
Communications II  
ENGL 120 College Composition II 3
PHIL 230 Political Philosophy (Recommended) 3
Elective Course 3
Enrichment Course Matrix 2
Math, Science and Technology  
MATH 210 Elementary Statistics 3
General Education Matrix (Lab Science Elective) 4
Social & Behavioral Science  
POLS 115 American Government 3
POLS 116 State and Local Government 3
2nd Year
Arts & Humanities 1  
HIST 103 United States to 1877 3
HIST 104 United States Since 1877 3
Communications III  
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
Electives (Select 15 credits)  
POLS 220 International Politics (Recommended) 3
ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (Recommended) 3
PHIL 220 Introduction to Logic (Recommended) 3
Elective Course 3
Elective Course 3
Math, Science and Technology  
CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers 3
Social & Behavioral Science  
ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
 Total Credits60