Programs of Study/Degrees

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Degree TypeDelivery Method
Administrative Assistant/GeneralTechnical
Administrative Assistant/LegalTechnical
Administrative Assistant/MedicalTechnical
Agriculture Industry and Technology (Agronomy)Technical
Agriculture, Technology, Food and Natural ResourcesTransfer
Automotive Collision TechnologyTechnical
Automotive TechnologyTechnical
Business AdministrationTransfer
Business EducationTransfer
Carpentry (Residential)Technical
Coaching (Athletic)Technical
Computer ScienceTransfer
Criminal JusticeTechnical
Criminal JusticeTransfer
Cybersecurity and Computer NetworksTechnical
Cybersecurity and Information TechnologyTechnical
Data Analytics TechnicianTechnical
Digital Audio ProductionTechnical
Education-Early ChildhoodTransfer
Electric Power TechnologyTechnical
Electrical Transmission Systems TechnologyTechnical
Electronics TechnologyTechnical
Electronics/Telecommunications TechnologyTechnical
Eligibility WorkerTechnical
Energy ManagementTechnical
Energy Services & Renewable TechnicianTechnical
Engineering TechnologyTechnical
Farm and Ranch Management (Agribusiness Mgmt)Technical
Farm and Ranch Management (Farm and Ranch)Technical
Farm Management EducationTechnical
Foreign LanguageTransfer
Geographic Information Systems TechnicianTechnical
Graphic Design and CommunicationsTechnical
Heating, Ventilation and Air ConditioningTechnical
Human ServicesTechnical
Information Processing SpecialistTechnical
Instrumentation & Control TechnologyTechnical
Lineworker (Electrical)Technical
Management EntrepreneurshipTechnical
Mass CommunicationTechnical
Mass CommunicationTransfer
Mechanical Maintenance TechnologyTechnical
Medical Laboratory ScientistTransfer
Medical Laboratory TechnicianTechnical
Military ScienceTechnical
Nuclear Power TechnologyTechnical
Nursing TransferTransfer
Nursing Transfer (NDSU at Sanford)Transfer
Paramedic TechnologyTechnical
Petroleum Production TechnologyTechnical
Physical EducationTransfer
Political ScienceTransfer
Power Plant TechnologyTechnical
Pre-Occupational TherapyTransfer
Pre-Physical TherapyTransfer
Pre-Radiologic TechnologyTransfer
Pre-Respiratory TherapyTransfer
Process Plant TechnologyTechnical
Social WorkTransfer
Speech CommunicationTransfer
Study AbroadTransfer
Surgical TechnologyTechnical
Technical StudiesTechnical
Theatre Arts Transfer
Undecided/Liberal ArtsTransfer
Water & Wastewater TechnologyTechnical
Web Page Development and DesignTechnical

Programs of Study/Departments

AccountingSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Administrative Assistant/GeneralComputers & Office Technology
Administrative Assistant/LegalComputers & Office Technology
Administrative Assistant/MedicalComputers & Office Technology
Agriculture Industry and Technology (Agronomy)Agriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Agriculture, Technology, Food and Natural ResourcesAgriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Art—VisualFine Arts & Humanities
Automotive Collision TechnologyTransportation & Construction
Automotive TechnologyTransportation & Construction
BiologyPhysical & Biological Sciences
Business AdministrationSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Business EducationSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Carpentry (Residential)Transportation & Construction
ChemistryPhysical & Biological Sciences
Coaching (Athletic)Social Sciences, Business & Education
Computer ScienceComputers & Office Technology
Criminal Justice (Technical)Social Sciences, Business & Education
Criminal Justice (Transfer)Social Sciences, Business & Education
Cybersecurity and Computer NetworksComputers & Office Technology
Cybersecurity and Information TechnologyComputers & Office Technology
Data Analytics TechnicianComputers & Office Technology
Digital Audio ProductionFine Arts & Humanities
EconomicsSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Education-Early ChildhoodSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Education-ElementarySocial Sciences, Business & Education
Education-SecondarySocial Sciences, Business & Education
Electric Power TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
Electrical Transmission Systems TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
Electronics TechnologyAgriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Electronics/Telecommunications TechnologyAgriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Eligibility WorkerSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Energy ManagementNational Energy Center of Excellence
Energy Services & Renewable TechnicianNational Energy Center of Excellence
EngineeringGeomatics, Engineering & Mathematics
Engineering TechnologyGeomatics, Engineering & Mathematics
EnglishLanguage, Literature, & Communication
Farm and Ranch Management (Agribusiness Mgmt)Agriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Farm and Ranch Management (Farm and Ranch)Agriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Farm Management EducationAgriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Foreign LanguageLanguage, Literature, & Communication
Geographic Information Systems TechnicianGeomatics, Engineering & Mathematics
Graphic Design and CommunicationsAgriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Heating, Ventilation and Air ConditioningTransportation & Construction
HistoryFine Arts & Humanities
Human ServicesSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Information Processing SpecialistComputers & Office Technology
Instrumentation & Control TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
InsuranceSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Lineworker (Electrical)National Energy Center of Excellence
Management (Technical)Social Sciences, Business & Education
Management (Transfer)Social Sciences, Business & Education
Management EntrepreneurshipSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Mass Communications (Technical)Language, Literature, & Communication
Mass Communications (Transfer)Language, Literature, & Communication
MathematicsGeomatics, Engineering & Mathematics
Mechanical Maintenance TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
Medical Laboratory ScientistPhysical & Biological Sciences
Medical Laboratory TechnicianHealth Sciences
Military ScienceSocial Sciences, Business & Education
MusicFine Arts & Humanities
Nuclear Power TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
NursingHealth Sciences
Nursing-TransferPhysical & Biological Sciences
Nursing Transfer (NDSU at Sanford)Physical & Biological Sciences
Paramedic TechnologyHealth Sciences
Petroleum Production TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
PhilosophyFine Arts & Humanities
PhlebotomyHealth Sciences
Physical EducationSocial Sciences, Business & Education
PhysicsGeomatics, Engineering & Mathematics
Political ScienceSocial Sciences, Business & Education
Power Plant TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
Pre-ChiropracticPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-DentistryPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-MedicalPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-Occupational TherapyPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-OptometryPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-PharmacyPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-Physical TherapyPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-Radiologic TechnologyPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-Respiratory TherapyPhysical & Biological Sciences
Pre-VeterinaryPhysical & Biological Sciences
Process Plant TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
PsychologySocial Sciences, Business & Education
ReligionFine Arts & Humanities
Social WorkSocial Sciences, Business & Education
SociologySocial Sciences, Business & Education
Speech CommunicationLanguage, Literature, & Communication
Study AbroadLanguage, Literature, & Communication
Surgical TechnologyHealth Sciences
Technical Studies
Theatre Arts Fine Arts & Humanities
Water & Wastewater TechnologyNational Energy Center of Excellence
Web Page Development and DesignComputers & Office Technology
WeldingTransportation & Construction

Degree Programs

The following section contains program information and curricula for students planning to start at BSC and transfer on and for students enrolling in technical programs.

Programs are organized alphabetically within the following sections: Bachelor of Applied Science, Liberal Arts & Sciences (Transfer) and Career & Technical Education.

It also will be indicated if the program is on campus, online or has limited enrollment availability.

Program Sections

Bachelor of Applied Science

  • For students holding a two-year degree or higher in a technical study area.
  • The technical focus of this degree is designed to maximize the value of transfer credits, professional experience, and military training in combination with additional academic coursework to build a degree relevant to workforce needs.

Liberal Arts & Sciences (Transfer) Program

  • Designed for students intending to transfer on to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree
  • Curricula listed is suggested for first two years toward bachelor’s degree
  • Students need to consult the four-year institution they plan to move on to and adjust BSC’s suggested curriculum as needed

Career & Technical Education Program

  • For students seeking skills and knowledge for entry-level employment upon completion
  • Most programs are not designed for transfer
  • Some exceptions exist for students seeking management positions through the bachelor of applied science degree
  • Some programs have limited enrollment, with admission to the program on a first-come, first-served basis

Availability of courses is subject to change as necessary or due to availability of resources and/or student enrollment.

The type of degree is indicated by the following abbreviations:

BAS = Bachelor of Applied Science
AA = Associate in Arts

AS = Associate in Science
AAS = Associate in Applied Science
D = Diploma
C = Program Certificate
COC = Certificate of Completion