Cybersecurity and Information Technology

Bachelor of Applied Science

Cybersecurity and Information Technology43
General Education36-37
Total Degree Credits120-123
Cybersecurity and Information Technology Major Courses
CSCI 160Computer Science I4
CIS 204Database Design and Structured Query Language (SQL)3
CIS 226Linux Network and Security Administration3
CIS 241Digital Forensics Fundamentals3
CIT 320Disaster Recovery & Incident Response3
CIT 330Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals3
CIT 367Cybersecurity Infrastructure Configuration3
CIT 368Cybersecurity Prevention & Countermeasures3
CIT 381IT Project Management *3
or CIT 397/497 Cooperative Education/Internship
CIT 410Wireless Networking and Mobile Security3
CIT 430Cloud Computing & Security3
CIT 450Database and Web Application Security3
CIT 470Penetration Testing3
CIT 475Emerging Threats and Defenses3
Total Credits43
Foundation Courses
CIS 107Linux Fundamentals3
CIS 147Principles of Information Security3
CIS 165Networking Fundamentals II3-4
CIS 185Introduction to Programming3
CIS 212Microsoft Windows Operating System Client3
CIS 216Implementing a Microsoft Windows Network Infrastructure3
CIS 223Linux System Administration3
CIS 255Computer and Network Security3
CIS 274Cybersecurity Operations3
Total Credits27-28
General Education Requirements
Arts & Humanities
CIS 280Cyber Ethics (Required)3
General Education Matrix (Arts & Humanities)3
Business, Math, Science & Technology
CIS 164Networking Fundamentals I (Required)3-4
MATH 210Elementary Statistics (Required)3
General Education Matrix (Science with Lab)8
Written Communications 6
College Composition I (Required)
College Composition II
Introduction to Professional Writing
Oral Communications
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Social & Behavioral Sciences
General Education Matrix (Social & Behavioral Sciences)3
General Education Matrix (Social & Behavioral Sciences)3
General Education Elective
General Education Matrix1
(Needed if 36 General Education credits have not been met)
Total Credits36-37

CIT 397 or CIT 497 are repeatable for 1, 2, or 3 credits at a time.

College Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements Matrix