Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Requirements

  1. Satisfy all degree seeking admission requirements.

  2. Complete General Education requirements.See General Education & Diversity Course Matrix.
    Written Communications6 semester hours
    College Composition I
    College Composition II
    Introduction to Professional Writing
    Oral Communications3 semester hours
    Fundamentals of Public Speaking
    Arts and Humanities 26 semester hours
    Social and Behavioral Sciences6 semester hours
    Business, Math, Science, and Technology9 semester hours
    Program Specific 36 semester hours
  3. Complete digital literacy requirement (select one of the following).
    • CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers
    • CIS 147 Principles of Information Technology
    • Bismarck State College (BSC) approved training course
    • North Dakota University System (NDUS) Institution approved training course
    • North Dakota University System (NDUS) Institution designated digital literacy course
      Note: CSCI 101CIS 147 or courses transferred in from another NDUS Institution that are listed as both general education and digital literacy may satisfy both requirements upon successful completion.
  4. Completion of defined courses leading to an academic major.

  5. Earn at least 30 semester hours of institutional credit from BSC.

  6. Earn at least 30 semester hours of upper division (300/400) level courses.

  7. Meet all of the following:

    • Minimum of 120 credits4

    • Minimum 2.00 institutional GPA (BSC only)

    • Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA (BSC + transfer)

  8. Clear all college obligations.

  9. File an Application for Degree in the Academic Records Office immediately following enrollment in final semester.


Programs may have specific General Education requirements; refer to your program degree plan.


No more than 3 hours of Fine Arts may be used.


Must be chosen from one of the following categories: Communications; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Arts and Humanities; and/or Business, Math, Science, and Technology.


Academic Skills Courses (ASC) will not fulfill general education requirements, institutional credit requirements and cannot be included in the semester hours required for a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree.