Bachelor of Applied Science

General Education36-37
Total Degree Credits120-121
Finance Major Courses
ACCT 330Financial Statement Reporting and Analysis3
ACCT 423Enterprise Risk Management3
CIS 452Advanced Excel Spreadsheets / Business Analytics3
ECON 409Financial Econometrics and Computational Methods3
FIN 320Financial Markets and Institutions3
FIN 326Business Finance3
FIN 336Advanced Financial Management3
FIN 337Investments3
FIN 403Money, Banking and Financial Markets3
FIN 480Financial Modeling3
FIN 487Cases in Finance and Risk3
FIN 397/497Cooperative Education/Internship6
Total Credits39
Foundation Courses
ACCT 201Elements of Accounting II3
ACCT 215Business in the Legal Environment3
or ACCT 225 Business Law I
ACCT 331Intermediate Accounting I3
ACCT 332Intermediate Accounting II3
BADM 201Principles of Marketing3
BADM 281Organizational Behavior3
CIS 105Microcomputer Spreadsheets3
CIS 147Principles of Information Security3
CIS 204Database Design and Structured Query Language (SQL)3
COMM 327Industry Communications3
LEAD 317Relationship Building3
Total Credits33
Finance Electives
Select any 4 courses from the following:12
Cost Accounting
Principles of Taxation
Government/Fund Accounting
Non-Profit Accounting
Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)
End-User Data Analysis Tools
Introduction to Computers
Personal Finance
Total Credits12
General Education Requirements
Arts & Humanities
HUMS 210Integrated Cultural Studies (Recommended)3
PHIL 210Ethics (Recommended)3
Business, Math, Science & Technology
ACCT 200Elements of Accounting I (Required)3
MATH 103College Algebra (Recommended)3-4
or MATH 104 Finite Mathematics
MATH 210Elementary Statistics (Required)3
Written Communications
ENGL 110College Composition I (Required)3
ENGL 120College Composition II (Required)3
Oral Communications
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking (Required)3
Social & Behavioral Sciences
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics (Required)3
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics (Required)3
Program Specific General Education Courses
ENGL 125Introduction to Professional Writing (Required)3
MATH 146Applied Calculus I (Required)3
Total Credits36-37

College Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements Matrix