Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Applied Science

Mechatronics Engineering Technology 42
General Education36-37
Digital Literacy
Total Degree Credits130-131
Mechatronics Engineering Technology Major Courses
CIS 185Introduction to Programming3
MATH 147Applied Calculus II3
MET 320Integrated Engineering Sciences2
MET 320LIntegrated Engineering Sciences Lab1
MET 330Input and Output System Application2
MET 330LInput and Output System Application Lab1
MET 340Workcell Design, Ergonomics and Efficiency2
MET 340LWorkcell Design, Ergonomics, and Efficiency Lab1
MET 410Material Properties & Mechanics3
MET 420Robotics Applications2
MET 420LRobotics Applications Lab1
MET 430System Programming and Process Control2
MET 430LSystem Programming and Process Control Lab1
MET 450Mechatronic System Design2
MET 450LMechatronic System Design Lab1
MGMT 327Reliability of Manufacturing Processes3
MGMT 381Project Management Fundamentals3
MGMT 437Quality Practices & Measurement3
MET 397/497Cooperative Education/Internship6
Total Credits42
Foundation Courses
ESRE 210Electrical and Safe Work Practices3
ESRE 216Mechanical Drive Systems4
ESRE 213Hydraulic Fundamentals3
ESRE 218Distributed Power Systems4
ENRT 224Automation and Control3
ENRT 221Applied Electronics3
ESRE 226Analog PLCs3
ESRE 228Technician Applications and Troubleshooting4
CAD 201Fundamentals of Graphical Communication3
ENRT 105Safety, Health and Environment3
ENRT 240Industrial SCADA3
INAU 210Automation Systems3
INAU 230Industrial Robotics3
INAU 220Machine Vision and Identification3
INAU 240Integrated Systems, Design and Setup3
INAU 245Integrated Systems, Troubleshooting and Quality Control4
Total Credits52
General Education Requirements
Arts & Humanities
Select two of the following recommended courses:6
Introduction to the Visual Arts
United States to 1877
United States Since 1877
Music Appreciation
Social & Behavioral Sciences
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics (Required)3
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics (Required)3
Written Communications
ENGL 110College Composition I3
ENGL 125Introduction to Professional Writing3
Oral Communications
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Business, Math, Science & Technology
CIS 164Networking Fundamentals I4
MATH 103College Algebra3-4
MATH 146Applied Calculus I3
PHYS 211College Physics I3
PHYS 211LCollege Physics I Lab1
General Education Elective
Needed if 36 General Education credits have not been met.
General Education Matrix1
Total Credits36-37
Digital Literacy Requirements
Select one of the following:
Introduction to Computers 1
Principles of Information Security 1
BSC Approved Training Course
NDUS Institution Approved Training Course
NDUS Institution Designated Digital Literacy Course

CSCI 101, CIS 147 or courses transferred in from another NDUS Institution that are listed as both general education and digital literacy may satisfy both requirements upon successful completion.

College Degree & Digital Literacy Requirements

General Education Requirements Matrix