Political Science

Associate in Arts

Note: Courses listed on degree plan are suggested. Students should consult with their advisor concerning their unique transfer decisions.

Total Degree Credits60-61
General Education Courses
Arts & Humanities 1
PHIL 210Ethics3
HIST 103United States to 18773
HIST 104United States Since 18773
Written Communications
ENGL 110College Composition I3
ENGL 120College Composition II3
Oral Communications
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Math, Science & Technology
MATH 103College Algebra3-4
or MATH 104 Finite Mathematics
MATH 210Elementary Statistics3
General Education Matrix (Lab Science Elective)4
Social & Behavioral Sciences
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics3
POLS 115American Government3
POLS 116State and Local Government3
Enrichment Course Matrix - may be fulfilled with applicable Arts & Humanities course2
General Education Matrix - may be fulfilled with applicable Arts & Humanities course or Social & Behavioral Sciences course
Total Credits39-40
Political Science Courses
The courses listed below are recommendations. Be sure to check with your anticipated transfer school in making your selections.
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics3
LEAD 280Leadership Strategies3
PHIL 220Introduction to Logic3
POLS 220International Politics3
Total Credits12

Proficiency in foreign language is required in some political science programs. If you are considering a transfer program that requires foreign language, it is recommended that you complete SPAN 101, SPAN 102, SPAN 201 and SPAN 202. If you are considering a transfer program that does not have this requirement, you may substitute other arts and humanities courses.