Administrative Assistant—General

Program Certificate

Total Degree Credits30

Course List

Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
Select 30 credits from the following:30
Fundamentals of Accounting
Elements of Accounting I
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Business Mathematics
Business English (Fall on campus and online)
Keyboarding II (Fall on campus, Spring online) 1
Cooperative Education/Internship
Office Management (Fall online)
Business Communications
Fundamentals of Business
Computer Software Applications - Word (Fall on campus, Spring online) 2
Microcomputer Database (Fall on campus, Spring online) 2
Microcomputer Spreadsheets 2
Presentations (Online only) 2
Principles of Information Security
Introduction to Computers
Total Credits30

These courses may be applied toward an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Administrative Assistant - General.


 A prerequisite for Keyboarding II (BOTE 152) is to be able to key with proper technique approximately 40+ words a minute. Keyboarding I (BOTE 102) is a beginning course teaching the alphabetical keys with proper technique and can be used as an elective. 


 CIS 102, CIS 104, CIS 105 and CIS 130 may be challenged.

 College Degree Requirements