Cybersecurity and Computer Networks 2-Year Degree Plan

Associate in Applied Science

College Degree Requirements

Prescribed Technical Program60
General Education16
Total Degree Credits76
Plan of Study Grid
Semester ICredits
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 105 Microcomputer Spreadsheets 3
CIS 128 Microcomputer Hardware I 3
CIS 147 Principles of Information Security 3
CIS 212 Microsoft Windows Operating System Client 3
General Education Courses  
Business, Math, Science & Technology  
CIS 164 Networking Fundamentals I 4
Communications I  
ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
Semester II
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 107 Linux Fundamentals 3
CIS 165 Networking Fundamentals II 4
CIS 216 Implementing a Microsoft Windows Network Infrastructure 3
CIS 230 Electronic Publishing 3
CIS 255 Computer and Network Security 3
General Education Course  
Communications II  
Select one of the following: 3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking  
College Composition II  
Introduction to Professional Writing  
Semester III
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 204 Database Design and Structured Query Language (SQL) 3
CIS 214 Implementing a Microsoft Windows Active Directory Infrastructure 3
CIS 223 Linux System Administration 3
CIS 241 Digital Forensics Fundamentals 3
CIS 267 Intermediate Networking I 4
General Education Course  
Business, Math, Science & Technology  
MATH 210 Elementary Statistics (Required) 3
Semester IV
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements  
CIS 226 Linux Network and Security Administration 3
CIS 268 Intermediate Networking II 4
CIS 269
Cybersecurity and Computer Networks Capstone 1
or Cooperative Education/Internship
CIS 282 Ethical Hacking and Network Defense 3
CSCI 122 Beginning Visual Basic 3
General Education Course  
Arts & Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences  
PHIL 220 Introduction to Logic (Recommended) 3
 Total Credits76

FYE 101: Seminar on Success (1 credit) is optional, but all students are encouraged to enroll during their Freshman Fall Semester.

General Education & Diversity Course Matrix Requirements