Electric Power Technology

Program Certificate

Prescribed Technical Program53
Required Program Electives 4
Total Degree Credits57
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
ELPW 111Introduction to Electrical Industry and Power Grid3
ENRT 106DC Fundamentals2
ENRT 108AC Fundamentals3
ELPW 114Industrial Safety & Health3
ENRT 117Technical Communication3
ELPW 105Electrical System Fundamentals3
ELPW 112Electrical System Components3
ELPW 120Industrial Prints & Diagrams4
ENRT 221Applied Electronics3
ENRT 224Automation and Control3
ENRT 230Power System SCADA3
ELPW 204Advanced Electrical Systems4
ELPW 206Electrical System Protection4
Select any 12 credits: Capstone12
Line Construction Specialization - offered fall semesters
Transformers (4 credits)
Underground Line Construction (4 credits)
Overhead Transmission and Distribution Line Construction (4 credits)
Substation Specialization - offered spring semesters
Substation Construction and Maintenance (4 credits)
Substation Relays (4 credits)
Substation Operations (4 credits)
System Design Specialization - offered spring semesters
Advanced Math (4 credits)
Electric Distribution Systems (4 credits)
Civil Design (4 credits)
Metering Specialization - offered fall semesters
Advanced Math (4 credits)
Fundamentals of Metering (3 credits)
Single-Phase Metering and Polyphase Metering (3 credits)
Advanced Metering Technology (2 credits)
Total Credits53
Required Program Electives
General Education Matrix4
Total Credits4

College Degree Requirements