Technical Studies

Program Description

The Technical Studies program addresses a recognized need for business and industry to attract highly trained workers with a variety of skills and to retain current workers. This custom-designed program is intended for employed individuals to combine elements of two disciplines in a meaningful and logical sequence that meets their career goals. Individuals may pursue this program of study to advance a career or to increase job responsibility.

As an example, Technical Studies may be appropriate if a student wants to combine certain elements of a marketing curriculum with parts of a Web design program.


Incoming or potential students should be able to articulate clearly their career goals. Students work with an advisor to identify career goals and to plan a program of study.

Program Requirements

Students complete an approved individual degree plan with an advisor. The program of study includes a minimum of 60 semester credit hours, of which 40 or more credits derive from at least 2 career and technical programs. Students identify one technical program as the primary focus area and one as a secondary focus area that collectively contribute to the study program.

Career Opportunities

Technical Studies provides opportunities for career advancement, increased job responsibility, or preparation for alternative employment.