Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Program Description

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning program curriculum focuses on artificial intelligence (including AI for business solutions and other applications), natural language processing, computer vision, computer programming (Python), machine learning, math, engineering, and statistics. It also spotlights building machine learning models that can predict, make decisions, and enhance human capabilities.


Students might consider high school courses in algebra, computers, and statistics to assist them in college study. However, these courses are not mandatory for enrollment.

Program Enrollment

Students who complete the curriculum requirements can earn an Associate in Applied Science degree.

Career Opportunities

Demand for AI skills is expected to grow exponentially over the next three to five years and drive a need for workers to learn new technical skills across industries. Career opportunities exist as machine learning researcher, AI engineer, data mining and analysis, machine learning engineer, data scientist, business intelligence (BI) developer, and computer systems analyst.