Graphic Design and Communications

Delivery method: On campus
Program begins: Fall only

Program Description

The Graphic Design and Communications program is structured to give students a background in several areas of the graphic design field. Study includes classroom and lab instruction in a Mac-equipped computer studio, where students develop skills in layout, typography, print media, print reproduction, web design, and digital photography. Coursework includes preparing art for print and online publication in advertisements, branding-identity systems, digital photography, illustration, direct mail, brochure design, desktop publishing, interactive design, and computer graphics using industry standard software.

Each student is required to prepare a portfolio of his or her best work for presentation to potential employers and art directors.


A high school or employment background related to any communications field is helpful, such as journalism/photo journalism, advertising/marketing, visual art, graphic art, writing, yearbook design, computer graphics, or desktop publishing. Students interested in this field should be creative and imaginative, have a sense of color and form, be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and work independently or as part of a team. Artistic ability is a plus. Graduates should expect to be retrained on the job to handle new or upgraded software and equipment.

Program Requirements

Students who complete the curriculum requirements earn an Associate in Applied Science degree.

Required Program Entrance Scores

  • ACT:  English 15, Math 15, Reading 15
  • CLASSIC ACCUPLACER:  Math 40 (Elementary algebra), Reading 61, Writeplacer 3
  • NEXT GEN ACCUPLACER:  Math 236 (QR, Algebra, and Statistics), Reading 240, Writing 249

Special Costs

A $100 deposit, required upon acceptance into the program, is applied toward tuition. Fee is non-refundable if you decide not to attend BSC.

Career Opportunities

A wide variety of careers are available depending on individual talent, experience, and ability or desire to relocate. Graphic designers work in advertising agencies, public relations departments, news media, and web design departments. Other related fields include interior and textile design, multimedia development, industrial design, retail merchandising, sign making, and web design. Self-employment is another option.