Additive Manufacturing

Program Description

This certificate program prepares individuals to design for and apply 3D printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing, toward a host of applications. In addition to the curriculum requirements, this program includes hands-on requirements utilizing 3D printers located at the BSC campus plus 10 additional locations across the state of North Dakota. The program includes a 3D printing course where the students will design and develop a product.

Areas of study will incorporate a foundational understanding of the technology, equipment and printing materials, design applications, and related software in addition to the business applications. Upon completion, individuals will be familiar with the broad impact of 3D printing and prepared for an entry-level career within an industry that applies the technology.

Program Requirements

Students who complete the curriculum requirements receive a Program Certificate in Additive Manufacturing. The Program Certificate can also be included within the Associate in Applied Science degree in Advanced Digital Technologies or Integrated Studies.

Career Opportunities

Additive Manufacturing is growing in many areas including medical, dental, automotive, and construction. Employers and incumbent employees in these areas and others may have interest in training to support this growing technology.


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