Web Page Development and Design

New enrollments into this program are restricted as of Fall 2023. Please contact an academic advisor about alternative options.

Program Description

This curriculum is designed for students who want to specialize in Web Page Development. Web languages covered in the Web Page Development and Design curriculum are HTML 5, CSS3, web frameworks, XML, JavaScript, JavaScript libraries, PHP, and Python. 


Students interested in Web Page Development and Design should enjoy problem solving, researching online, be detailed-oriented and able to work independently. High school students should have successfully completed English, math, and computer classes. Early entry course options between Bismarck State College and the high school may be available.

Minimum computer skills requirement:

  • Keying accurately at 20-30 wpm
  • File management skills including folder creation, copying and pasting, renaming files, and file location

Minimum English skills requirement:

  • Student should have completed or be currently enrolled in ENG 110 English Composition I

Students must be able to work independently and in teams.

If a student does not meet the minimum computer and/or English requirements, an example first semester:
ASC English to enter English 110 or ENGL 1103
CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers3
BOTE 152 Keyboarding II3
Arts & Humanities 3

Program Requirements

Students completing the two-year curriculum receive an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Web Page Development and Design.

Students completing the one-year curriculum receive a Program Certificate in Web Page Development and Design.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities are expected to grow, as research shows computer-oriented careers are among the fastest growing in the country. Employment of Web developers is projected to grow 23 percent from 2021-2031, faster than the average for all occupations. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Career opportunities: Web designer, web developer, web programmer, webmaster.

If you have taken past IT courses, please contact your advisor.