Course Description Guide

Subject Formal Descriptions
ABOD Automotive Collision Technology
ACCT Accounting
AGEC Agricultural Economics
AGRI Agriculture
ANSC Animal and Range Science
ANTH Anthropology
ARCT Architectural Drafting & Estimating Technology
ASC Academic Skills Courses
ASM Agricultural Systems Management
ASTR Astronomy
AUTO Automotive Technology
BADM Business Administration
BCT Building Construction Technology
BIOL Biology
BOT Botany
BOTE Business and Office Technology
BUSN Business
CAD Computer Aided Design
CARP Carpentry
CHEM Chemistry
CIS Computer Information Systems
CJ Criminal Justice
CMT Construction Management Technology
COMM Communication
CSCI Computer Science
CT Civil Engineering and Surveying Technology
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
EE Electrical Engineering
ELEC Electronics/Telecommunications Technology
ELPW Electric Power Technology
EMS Emergency Medical Services
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENRG Energy Management
ENRT Energy Technology
ESRE Energy Services & Renewable Technician
ETST Electrical Transmission Systems Technology
FYE First Year Experience
GDES Graphic Design and Communications
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GIS Geographic Information Systems
H&CE Human and Community Education
HIST History
HMSV Human Services
HPER Physical Education
HUMS Humanities
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
ICTL Instrumentation and Control Technology
LNWK Lineworker (Electrical)
MATH Mathematics
ME Mechanical Engineering
MICR Microbiology
MLS Medical Laboratory Science
MMAT Mechanical Maintenance Technology
MS Military Science
MUSC Music
NUPT Nuclear Power Technology
NURS Nursing
NUTR Nutrition
PET Petroleum Engineering Technology
PHIL Philosophy
PHRM Pharmacy
PHYS Physics
PLA Prior Learning Assessment
PLSC Plant Science
POLS Political Science
PROD Petroleum Production Technology
PROP Process Plant Technology
PSYC Psychology
PWRP Power Plant Technology
REFG Refrigeration
RELS Religion
RNG Range Science
SCNC Science
SMTL Sheet Metal
SOC Sociology
SOIL Soil Science
SPAN Spanish
SRGT Surgical Technology
SWK Social Work
THEA Theatre
UNIV University Studies
VETS Veterinary Science
WATR Water and Wastewater Technology
WELD Welding