University Studies (UNIV)

UNIV 229. Study Abroad

Credits: 0
Typically Offered: FALL
This catalog number is to be used as a place-holder for financial aid and academic progress unit requirements for students spending a semester studying abroad through one of BSC's approved semester abroad programs. Once a student is enrolled in UNIV 229, a student cannot graduate from BSC until an official transcript and evaluation have been received and the credit has been posted to his or her academic record. Grading in accordance with BSC policy for transfer credits, grades will be recorded on a student's BSC record as they appear on the transcript from the host institution or transcript evaluation. This means that students will receive letter grades for work abroad. A course-by-course evaluation by World Education Services (WES) of non-U.S. postsecondary credentials is required so that credits can be transferred eventually to another institution.