Administrative Assistant—General

Program Certificate

Total Degree Credits30
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
Select 30 credits from the following:30
Elements of Accounting I
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Business Mathematics
Business English (Fall)
Keyboarding II (Spring) 1
Cooperative Education/Internship
Office Management (Fall)
Business Communications
Fundamentals of Business
Computer Software Applications - Word (Spring) 2
Microcomputer Database 2
Microcomputer Spreadsheets 2
Presentations (Spring) 2
Principles of Information Security
Advanced Software Applications (Spring)
Introduction to Computers
Total Credits30

These courses may be applied toward an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Administrative Assistant - General.


 A prerequisite for Keyboarding II (BOTE 152) is to be able to key with proper technique approximately 40+ words a minute. 


 CIS 102, CIS 104, CIS 105 and CIS 130 may be challenged.

 College Degree Requirements