Prescribed Technical Program49
General Education 9
Elective Credit3
Total Degree Credits61
Plan of Study Grid
Semester ICredits
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
WELD 110 OFC Operations 2
WELD 118 PAC and CAC Operations 2
WELD 155 Blueprint Reading for Welders 3
WELD 170 SMAW Operations 2
WELD 173 Methods in SMAW Operations 4
WELD 180 Advanced Methods in SMAW Operations 2
WELD 183 Testing in SMAW Operations 3
WELD 187 Types of Non-Destructive Testing 1
Semester II
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
WELD 130 OFW Operations 2
WELD 135 Welding Principles 2
WELD 140 Methods in GMAW and FCAW 2
WELD 145 Advanced Methods in GMAW and FCAW 3
WELD 150 Methods in GTAW 3
WELD 160 Advanced Methods in GTAW 3
WELD 165 Blueprint Symbols for Welding 3
Semester III
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
WELD 210 Gas Tungsten Arc Pipe Welding 3
WELD 215 Testing in Gas Tungsten Arc Pipe Welding 3
WELD 220 Shielded Metal Arc Pipe Welding 3
WELD 225 Testing in Shielded Metal Arc Pipe Welding 3
Electives 3
 Total Credits52

General Education Requirements
Arts & Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences
Select one of the following recommended courses:3
United States to 1877
Principles of Microeconomics
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Written or Oral Communications
Select one of the following:3
College Composition I
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Business, Math, Science & Technology
CSCI 101Introduction to Computers (Recommended)3
Total Credits9

College Degree Requirements

General Education & Diversity Course Matrix Requirements