Automotive Technology

Associate in Applied Science

Prescribed Technical Program60
General Education15
Total Degree Credits75
Plan of Study Grid
1st Year
Fall SemesterCredits
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
AUTO 108 Mechanical and Shop Orientation 1
AUTO 128 Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles 5
AUTO 161 Electronics 2
AUTO 163 Starting and Charging Systems 3
AUTO 164 Instruments and Accessory Systems 4
Spring Semester
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
AUTO 131 Clutches, Drive Trains and Axles 3
AUTO 132 Manual Transmissions and Transaxles 3
AUTO 148 Suspension and Steering 4
AUTO 151 Brake Fundamentals 2
AUTO 152 Brake Repair 3
2nd Year
Fall Semester
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
AUTO 211 Engine Fundamentals 4
AUTO 212 Engine Repair 4
AUTO 271 A/C Heating Theory and Operation 3
AUTO 272 A/C & Heating Diagnosis 4
Spring Semester
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
AUTO 282 Ignition Systems 3
AUTO 283 Fuel Delivery Systems 6
AUTO 284 Emission Control Systems 6
 Total Credits60
General Education Requirements
Arts & Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences
General Education Matrix (Arts & Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences)3
Business, Math, Science & Technology (Two areas of study)
CSCI 101Introduction to Computers (Recommended)3
General Education Matrix (Business, Math, Science & Technology)3
Written or Oral Communications 6
College Composition I (Required)
College Composition II
Introduction to Professional Writing
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Total Credits15