Nuclear Power Technology (Operations)

Associate in Applied Science

Prescribed Technical Program52
General Education15
Total Degree Credits67
Prescribed Technical Program Requirements
NUPT 101Overview of Nuclear Energy2
NUPT 103Nuclear Mathematical Fundamentals3
NUPT 105Classical Physics4
NUPT 107Engineering Drawings, Diagrams and Schematics3
NUPT 113Mechanical Science3
NUPT 215Nuclear Plant Chemistry3
NUPT 109Electrical Science4
NUPT 213Nuclear Physics3
NUPT 217Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow and Thermodynamics4
NUPT 111Instrumentation and Control4
NUPT 221Science of Radiological Protection3
NUPT 219Material Science3
NUPT 220Reactor Theory2
NUPT 225Nuclear Plant System Component Design and Function4
NUPT 223Reactor Safety Design3
NUPT 227Conduct of Facility Operations4
Total Credits52
General Education Requirements
Arts & Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences
General Education Matrix (Arts & Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences)3
Business, Math, Science & Technology (Two areas of study)
General Education Matrix (Business, Math, Science & Technology courses)3
General Education Matrix (Business, Math, Science & Technology courses)3
Written or Oral Communications 6
College Composition I (Required)
College Composition II
Introduction to Professional Writing
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Total Credits15